facebook pixelWhy does international shipping cost so much?
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Why does international shipping cost so much?

The cost for international shipping is a direct relation to how much the US Postal Service (USPS) charges for shipping their Flat Rate packages. We’ve looked into UPS, FedEx, and DHL for international shipments and have encountered several problems:

  1. The recipient was liable to pay for the brokerage fees and customs duties when using a carrier other than USPS.
  2. Keto Chow does weigh quite a bit, and it’s quite large physically. That makes for an expensive “cubic weight” shipping fees. Using flat-rate boxes reduces that greatly.
  3. All of the other carriers I’ve looked into charge more for international shipping compared to USPS.

The solution to many of these is to branch out with local international distributors. We’ve started with Canada, and seen some success. If you know of any importers or distributors in your region, contact us with their information. We’d be happy to reach out to them.

In the meantime, check out our Base Powder, designed for international customers who want to save on shipping. It has everything but the protein (the #1 ingredient by weight and volume), flavor, and sweetener. I have some additional details and info about the Base Powder on this page. When mixed with the right amount of protein powder, you’ll end up with 21 meals of Keto Chow.