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Keto Chow Flavor Status

One of the things we love to do here at Keto Chow is introducing new fun flavors, it's awesome! We usually do these as “Limited Edition” runs that are only available in the single meal packets and only in a limited quantity.

Unfortunately, logistics dictate that not every flavor will be a commercial success we maintain it in stock on a permanent basis. We need to make room for other new flavors and that means cutting some.

Depending on the reaction to a flavor, it may be something we decide to bring back immediately, it might be that we decide to wait a year or more and bring it back sometime in the future, or it may be that we decide it was fun while it lasted but we aren't planning to bring it back.

Most of the “Limited Edition” flavors will fall into that last category – we will have the quantity we originally order, and once that is sold out – the flavor will be retired and discontinued. Generally speaking, the individual packets have an impressive shelf life (currently verified at 4+ years – though the packets only have a 2-year date printed on most), so if you find a Limited Edition or Discontinued flavor that you absolutely LOVE, you can stock up and enjoy it well into the future.

With that in mind, here are the publicly announced statuses of all the flavors of Keto Chow, past and present.

  • ✅Available – this means we are committed to keeping flavor permanently in stock in that size. There may be times that we temporarily run out of stock but it will be coming back as soon as possible.
  • 🍂Seasonal🌱 – this means we've noticed a flavor sells great at some times of the year and terrible at others (like Pumpkin Spice Caramel). These will be stocked in anticipation of having them ready to go when their season begins. We will not announce ahead of time the exact date these will be available since that date is often outside our control and we will not promise what we cannot deliver.
  • ❔No Announcement – we have not made any public announcement about the future availability of this flavor. Check again soon!
  • 🛑Not Planned – there is no plan to make this flavor in this size. You will typically see this on the large 21 meal bags of the Limited Edition flavors.
  • ⛔Discontinued – This flavor was introduced and we have decided that we will not be restocking it. You may find some sizes still available while other sizes are sold out. When the supply (if any) runs out, it will not be available for sale and we do not have current plans to restock it.
Flavor Status
Apple Pie✅ Available✅ Available2.8.0
Banana✅ Available2.8.0✅ Available
Base Powder🛑 Not Planned✅ Available
Beef Soup Base✅ Available✅ Available
Birthday Cake❔ No Announcement2.8.0🛑 Not Planned
Black Licorice⛔ Discontinued🛑 Not Planned
Blueberry Pie🌱 Seasonal2.8.0🌱 Seasonal2.8.0
Butterscotch❔ No Announcement3.0🛑 Not Planned
Caramel Macchiato✅ Available✅ Available
Chai Latte❔ No Announcement2.8.0🛑 Not Planned
Chocolate✅ Available✅ Available2.8.0
Chocolate Mint✅ Available2.8.0✅ Available
Chocolate Peanut Butter✅ Available✅ Available
Chocolate Toffee✅ Available2.8.0✅ Available
Cookies & Cream✅ Available2.8.0✅ Available
CORE Chocolate Unsweetened✅ Available2.8.0✅ Available3.0
CORE Chocolate Stevia✅ Available2.8.0✅ Available2.8.0
CORE Vanilla Cream Unsweetened✅ Available3.0🛑 Not Planned
CORE Vanilla Cream Stevia✅ Available3.0🛑 Not Planned
CORE Strawberry Cream Unsweetened✅ Available3.0🛑 Not Planned
CORE Strawberry Cream Stevia✅ Available3.0🛑 Not Planned
Creamy Tomato Basil✅ Available✅ Available
Eggnog🍂 Seasonal3.0🍂 Seasonal3.0
Gingerbread🍂 Seasonal3.0🍂 Seasonal
Grape⛔ Discontinued🛑 Not Planned
Guava Grapefruit⛔ Discontinued🛑 Not Planned
Irish Cream✅ Available✅ Available
Key Lime🌱 Seasonal2.8.0🛑 Not Planned
Lemon Meringue✅ Available✅ Available
Maple Waffle🍂 Seasonal3.0🛑 Not Planned
Mocha✅ Available✅ Available
Natural Strawberry✅ Available✅ Available
Orange Cream🌱 Seasonal2.8.0🌱 Seasonal
Orange Mango⛔ Discontinued🛑 Not Planned
Peaches and Cream⛔ Discontinued⛔ Discontinued
Peanut Butter✅ Available✅ Available
Pecan Sticky Bun🍂 Seasonal3.0🍂 Seasonal3.0
Pina Colada✅ Available✅ Available
Pistachio✅ Available2.8.0✅ Available
Pumpkin Spice Caramel🍂 Seasonal3.0🍂 Seasonal3.0
Raspberry Cheesecake✅ Available✅ Available
Red Licorice⛔ Discontinued🛑 Not Planned
Root Beer Float🌱 Seasonal⛔ Discontinued
S'mores⛔ Discontinued⛔ Discontinued
Salted Caramel✅ Available✅ Available
Savory Chicken Soup✅ Available2.8.0✅ Available
Snickerdoodle✅ Available✅ Available
Spicy Taco Soup Base✅ Available✅ Available
Strawberry✅ Available✅ Available
Strawberry Cream❔ No Announcement2.8.0🛑 Not Planned
Vanilla✅ Available✅ Available
Vanilla Cream❔ No Announcement2.8.0🛑 Not Planned