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Keto Chow Rewards

Become a Keto Chow Rewards member, and start earning rewards! No obscure points system like before that didn't work half the time, just get rewarded with credit rewards directly to your account.

Super simple, you get a gift card code that you can use to pay for orders on the checkout page.

The more you spend - the more perks you will receive on your way to becoming an Exclusive Member!

How to Earn

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To get started - create an account! If you haven't ever been part of our rewards program, you'll get $2, sweet!

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Shop with us to start earning rewards!

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Earn 5% for on all purchases!

Give 5% Get $10

Give your friends a 5% coupon to join Keto Chow, and if they join and make a purchase you'll get $10 added to your account for your next order. Got 10 besties?... that's $100 :)

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Chris and Miriam Bair

Keto Chow makes Keto easy(er)

Keto doesn’t have to be hard.

That’s why we started Keto Chow. We have a big, busy family. Going keto finally gave us back the health and energy we needed to be present with our kids; but the meal prep, shopping, and macro counting was pulling us away. So we set out to create a quick, easy meal that was nutritionally perfect (and it had to taste incredible). Because you deserve the benefits of ketosis, without the hassle.

- Chris & Miriam Bair, Founders of Keto Chow