FAQ: How do I edit or cancel a subscription?

When you create a subscription, you will get an email with a link to your personal subscription management page. Every month before the subscription renews, you’ll get a new email reminding you about the subscription. It also includes a link to the subscription management page. You can also log into your account on the Keto Chow store and access the subscriptions from there.

Manage Subscriptions Link

An important note when you visit the subscription page is that the list of subscriptions scrolls left to right. As shown in the image below, you tap inside the list of subscriptions and drag over to the left…
Scroll to the Left to edit subscription

and BOOM, now you can see the Edit and Cancel links!
Edit and Cancel Links

Once you are in the edit screen you’ll see the multitude of different options available for editing your subscription. You can change the flavors, delivery schedule, payment method, or even cancel the subscription entirely if you would like.
Options for editing a subscription

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