FAQ: What is the shelf life of Keto Chow? How long does an opened bag of Keto Chow last?

The shelf life of unopened Keto Chow is 4 years. The packages produced prior to 2023 have a printed “best by” date of 2 years, meaning that if your package has a best by date prior to 2027, you can confidently add 2 additional years to the date shown. The 4-year stability tests were performed as a “real-time” test meaning that we had older packages of Keto Chow tested to ensure their nutritional content was still accurate.

The primary factor determining how long an opened bag of Keto Chow will last is humidity. If you live in an arid climate, you may have bags that are still fresh and tasty after 4-5 months. If you live in humidity, the powder may get clumpy and spoil after only a few days.

There are a few things you can do to combat the humidity:

  • Use desiccant packets (the “DO NOT EAT” things you find in stuff)
  • Store your bags in the freezer, not to keep them cold but because freezers tend to be crazy low humidity, and the cold doesn’t hurt either
  • Get smaller bags or split up the large bag into smaller bags
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