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Jan 3  ·  < 1 min read
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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 02

The first day of Keto Chow only is done, and the initial weigh-in for the city contest is done! I’ll be able to base my progress off that, though the clothes add some additional weight compared to when I weigh myself in the morning. I forgot to check my blood ketones yesterday, so I’ll be missing one data point. I do have breath acetone levels for yesterday though.

Yesterday we went over to my Mom’s house to help her take down Christmas. She made keto fajitas for everyone, I got to drink my Raspberry Cheesecake. So goes the 100 days =) This morning I mixed up 3 days worth of Keto Chow for me (9) and 4 extras for the teenagers that will be inevitably stealing the mixed Keto Chow – I labeled the ones for me because they have 1 tablespoon of MCT in them (and higher calories).

No GI issues to report yet. In the past, when I’ve gone from 2/3 of my meals as Keto Chow to 3/3 as Keto Chow, I’ve had 1-2 days of diarrhea – taking a probiotic usually fixes that quickly. Dunno if it’s the liquid aspect, the fat, or the liquid fat but there seems to be a big difference between mostly and all the way Keto Chow. That said: people who start a keto diet, irrespective of using Keto Chow or not, frequently have issues with “loose stool” – just search the Keto subreddit for “never trust a fart” and you’ll see the reports =)