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Jan 4  ·  2 min read
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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 03

Yesterday I completely forgot to eat breakfast until about 3:00 PM – so I ate breakfast at 3, lunch at 5, and dinner at 7. Ended up with about a 4.5 hour eating window. I hadn’t planned on doing time-restricted feeding (also known by some as Intermittent Fasting) but I guess it just happened. I’ve noticed that I’m a little hungry once I start eating but not hungry at all before I start eating, doing a compressed eating window was extremely satisfying. I felt super full and satisfied – stuffed, really.

I did notice some rumbling in my intestines last night. This morning I didn’t quite have diarrhea – more of a 6 on the Bristol scale. Still doing OK on that front =) Might start taking the probiotics tonight if the rumbling continues.

We are going to be using a local market research company to do some blind taste tests next week, comparing Keto Chow with 4 of our competitors. Should be really interesting to see the results! Anyhow, there was some question about how the different sweeteners would interact. In some previous tests we’ve done, if you taste sucralose after monk fruit it amplifies the sweetness substantially. This morning I wanted to test and see if that would be a problem for the taste test which will be randomized for statistical relevancy. I mixed up all 5 of the ones we will be testing next week according to the manufacturer’s directions and using their recommended amounts for water, oil, etc… I want to give all of them a fair chance and if people like one better than Keto Chow, I want to know it and I want to figure out how I could improve.

A few hours later we did our own blind taste test with the employees (and one customer who happened to come in during the test =) here at Keto Chow. The results were interesting, everyone liked the Keto Chow best – ultimately it wasn’t much of a contest. Like I said: I made sure all were prepared exactly the way recommended by the manufacturer.