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Jan 25  ·  < 1 min read
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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 24

100 days of keto chow day 24

I keep forgetting to report on my weight loss. As of today (day 24) I’m down 15.8 lbs from my starting weight. There are only 4 days left in the DietBet challenge!

I blew a 233 ppm breath acetone on the LEVL this morning, my blood Ketones were 2.1 mmol/dL – so I’m still doing well on all that. Dinner was leftovers so that wasn’t an issue =) I do think that I might have used some heavy cream that was borderline and the bottles of Keto Chow I mixed up with it are getting a bit iffy. They are still OK to drink for today but I might have to toss out 5 or 6, which sucks =( So goes life. Sometimes people will contact us because their Keto Chow tasted wrong, most of the time it’s due to heavy cream that went bad on them. Easiest fix is to simply taste the heavy cream by its self and see if anything is wrong. I guess it’s good for people to know that I’m not immune to having it happen to me too. I think that carton of heavy cream went bad quickly because it was the one that was used at the most recent Keto Meat-Up for making diet root beer+heavy cream Italian sodas. The time without refrigeration shortened its time.

Here at the Keto Chow office, we’re getting all official and stuff. Yesterday we put up a KanBan board so that we could manage what we’re working on and the backlog of stuff to do. This morning we’ll hold our first “Stand-up.” Late last night I enrolled in the “Keto Chow LLC 401(k)” plan. In about a week, the group health insurance plan begins, I’ll finally be off COBRA – took almost exactly a year.