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Feb 3  ·  < 1 min read
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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 32

Sent out the Gift Certificates to the 3 winners of the Keto Chow DietBet Challenge: Jeffrey K., Brittani L., and Skylar C. – they lost 12%, 11.9%, and 11% of their body weight, respectively – that’s pretty amazing, I “only” lost 7.7% of my body weight. I also sent out the coupons to everyone that filled out the contest form.

Miriam and I got started a little late on our morning exercise routine today, I actually had to skip part of the end because some neighbors needed help setting some stuff up. I just checked and we’re supposed to be switching to the harder videos for the P90 after next week, that should be interesting. I made a bunch of preparations for the Superb Owl watching party we’ll be having tomorrow. It’s odd, I seem to be doing a nutrition experiment every year when it comes on, at least I was last year. This year I will (again) be drinking Keto Chow, the family will have:

  • Shrimp (with low carb cocktail sauce (sugar-free ketchup + horseradish)
  • Some “Real Good Foods” poppers that I found at Walmart
  • Meatballs in low carb BBQ sauce
  • and some other stuff that I simply can’t remember right now