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Mar 13  ·  < 1 min read
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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 71

Day 71 has been interesting so far. It’s snowing. A Lot. I went to leave for work and there were about 3 inches and it’s still falling hard. From yesterday (Day 70), to today, I apparently lost 2.8 lbs. That brings my total loss to 33.7 lbs. I’m using the same scale as always but it’s like I had a temporary increase that is now gone. Anyhow. I totally forgot to eat breakfast Yesterday, ate around 2, then at 5, and then at 9:30 I realized I had only eaten twice. Under normal circumstances, I would have called it a night but I’m maintaining caloric intake during this experiment so I ate at 9:30 pm. I don’t like eating that late.

We did our weekly Facebook live last night. Answered some good questions, talked about the Carnivore Conference and Low Carb Denver. Today we get to go sign our taxes and get those sent off. Love it! We also have a new employee starting here today.