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Chris Bair holding bacon
Mar 18  ·  < 1 min read
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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 76

Yesterday was the 3/4 mark for my 100 days of eating only Keto Chow for all my food every day. As of this morning, I’m down 38.2lbs, I cut 2 inches off my belt, I’ve lost 4 inches from my lower waist, 1.25 inches from my neck (and 1.25 from my “Upper Arm Right” among other places =). The experiment is still going really well, though I did come down with a cold over the weekend (apparently I’m one of the cool kids since a bunch of other people got sick following Low Carb Denver). Being sick the last few days hasn’t been fun at all, doesn’t have anything to do with the experiment though. Remember, if you need to sneeze: you should sneeze into the back of your knee =)

On Saturday we had our monthly Utah Keto Meat-Up. If you’re not close enough to come to ours, see if there’s one in your local area. If there isn’t one, make one! That’s what I did a year and a half ago, mostly because all of the ones that were nearby had only met twice and were sponsored by MLM exogenous ketone sellers. I took a few photos and counted how many people came, I think there were 38-41 people in attendance. We might need to move to a larger space if this keeps up! Next meet-up I won’t be only having Keto Chow, guess it’ll be time for me to smoke another brisket =)