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Mar 21  ·  2 min read
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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 79

100 days of keto chow day 79

I’ve been informed that I need to highlight the positive aspects of doing the 100 days, which is funny because I thought I did that frequently. So here goes.

I’m on day 79 of 100 where I’m only eating Keto Chow for all of my meals. Every day people ask how many meals of Keto Chow I’m eating during the experiment, I blink at them a few times and say “3?” – Don’t know if they don’t believe me when I say “for all my meals” or what =)

Sometimes they ask what I do between meals, “I don’t eat?” Not snacking between meals is one of the best parts, for me, about this whole thing. It’s a bit liberating to not be snacking on anything but diet soda (for the “keto police” that get all hot-and-bothered that I’m drinking diet soda: my average blood ketones for the last 30 days is 3.0, what’s yours? =).

The sheer convenience of mixing up a bunch of Keto Chow once or twice a week and having all of my meals covered for the next several days is absolutely fantastic and one of the best parts of all of this. Last night, we were running a little late for a performance and I was able to just grab an Orange Cream Keto Chow I made previously and drank it while driving to the school.

It’s also been very handy to have a liquid diet since getting a molar crowned – I gave up even trying to chew gum a few days ago because that just makes it sore. I did notice last night a return of an interesting phenomenon.

In 2017 I did an experiment where I ONLY had Keto Chow for 4 weeks. No diet soda, no sugar-free gum, none of that. Near the end of it, the lack of chewing anything was starting to get old and there was the “film” that I kept feeling in my mouth – dunno if it was real or imagined but if I hadn’t had anything to drink for a while, my mouth felt like I just woke up and had a sort of film on my tongue and teeth. I’d brush or take a drink of water and it went away, a few hours later and it would be back.

When I did my 42 days of Keto Chow in 2018 and was chewing sugar-free gum, I had no such experience. Not having had gum for several days, it kinda feels like that again. Interesting stuff, I figure my tooth will be fine in a few days and I’ll be back chewing gum when I feel like it.

Oh, and the weight loss these 79 days has been great too. That 1.1lbs I gained yesterday? Totally came back off this morning. I guess it’s probably time for me to don the zozo suit again and take some measurements, maybe I’ll do that Saturday morning.