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Mar 28  ·  2 min read
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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 86

100 days of keto chow day 86

I’m stalled out a little on my weight loss – holding steady at a 38.7 lb loss since I started this 86 days ago. Today is my final day of doing all of my fat in the form of 45ml of Avocado Oil and 15ml of MCT (per meal), starting tomorrow I’ll be doing 66.67g of salted butter per meal (200g per day) and continuing that for 2 weeks to finish out the experiment. I prefer heavy cream to Avocado Oil and I’m guessing that I’ll quite enjoy the butter. I’m planning on making a video showing how we mix up the butter so it doesn’t separate out when refrigerated.

One of our friends asked yesterday why I think I’ve lost 38+ pounds doing only Keto Chow compared to normal food. Here are my answers:

  • I’m not snacking. At all. This is a huge deal for me and I think snacking is my Achilles heel, extra calories and carbs tend to creep in that way.
  • I’m getting an insanely low amount of carbs. The last week I’ve been averaging 1.7g of net carbs PER DAY with 23.1g of total carbs, 21.5 of that being from acacia gum fiber, which is fun stuff: starts as fiber, gets metabolized by your gut bacteria into short-chain fats like butyrate, which gets turned into BHB.
  • Strangely enough: when I transitioned from heavy cream to avocado oil, I increased my calories by 300 a day but the weight loss didn’t really change appreciably.
  • I’m never overeating – kinda goes along with the whole snacking thing
  • I’m also not under-eating, it goes against many of the cornerstone fundamentals but I’m forcing myself to eat 3 meals a day regardless of if I’m hungry and I’ve only really felt hungry twice, both times I think I was just thirsty. I don’t think that’s impacted weight loss but it is still interesting.

Yesterday I finished cutting together the “behind the scenes” footage from the commercial shoot. We’re planning on showing that, along with the commercial, in a week or two – doing it on YouTube as a “premier” so that everyone can watch it together for the first time. Should be cool stuff!