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Jan 16  ·  < 1 min read
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Additional Flavors for Keto Chow

The flavored protein I’m using for Keto Chow comes in more than the 3 flavors I’m going to keep stocked.

So I added an option to special order any of the other available flavors. It does cost $15 more than the chocolate mint, strawberry or vanilla since I have to get a tub of that flavor just for the one order; and it may add an additional 2-5 days to the time it takes to get your stuff but hey, you’ve got the option if you’re so inclined. The other flavors are:

  • “Butter Cream Toffee”
  • “Cafe Mocha”
  • “Chocolate Fudge”
  • “Cinnamon Bun”
  • “Cookies & Cream”
  • “Pina Colada”
  • “Rich Chocolate”
  • “Smooth Banana”

I grabbed some Cookies and Cream and some Butter Cream Toffee to test and both are good (who am I kidding? the Cookies and Cream is better than any I’ve tasted until now, it’s crazy good).