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Apr 10  ·  < 1 min read
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Aftermath of 2.1 Chocolate Availability


It’s been a fun day, lots of making people happy =) Last night we put up Keto Chow 2.1 for sale and the response has been truly amazing. I can’t say how much I appreciate how much people love this little product I’ve made – really it was all designed to suit my own needs and allow me to be excessively lazy and not have to worry about the details of doing keto. Turns out lots of others feel the same way. The rapidity at which 2.1 chocolate has sold and pent-up demand tells me that even though the availability problems we’ve had lately sucked, many have stuck with us through all this. Thanks!

This morning while the minions have been diligently packing up 2.1 from big boxes into smaller boxes, I’ve been updating swaths of the site to account for the changes in 2.1. Notably: the Keto Chow Preparation Instructions page has been simplified and reflects the need for more water due to the thickness of 2.1, The Keto Chow Nutrition page has been switched over to the details for 2.1, The Nutrition Labels page has been switched to having 2.1 labels, and I got the nutrition data for 2.1 Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter added to the official curated database in Cron-o-meter so you can scan the barcode (I’ll get the other flavors added soon).

In a few hours, I’m going to go grab another batch of Chocolate and maybe some Chocolate Peanut Butter!