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Oct 2  ·  < 1 min read
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Awesome results from a Keto Chow user

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I got a great email from a Keto Chow user this afternoon, I asked permission to share it (since I’m always seeking confirmation).

I’ve edited a few spelling errors but that’s it.

TL;DR Male/28 5’7″, start weight 185, hit goal weight of 130. (I’m small framed/boned).

I just wanted to thank you for this product, as it allowed me to lose 55 pounds of fat in 6/7 months (probably more since I’ve gained some muscle from new gains). It made dieting easy and quickly since I hate preparing food, and this took 5 minutes of prep for 3 meals of the day. I was doing three shakes a day for 80% of days. During this I was lifting 3-4 days a week, with no cardio, except for some hikes on the weekends.

I had many naysayers and mocking during lunch in the office, however ignored it and kept on trucking. The fact that I was never hungry was pretty amazing, compared to most other diets I’ve been on. Toward the end however, when my body-fat percentage was getting near 10% I did start to have cravings which was difficult to deal with, and which slowed down progress immensely as I found myself always snacking.

Just wanted to say thanks for the abs! haha

So there’s a lesson for all of you: when you get to 10% body fat you might get cravings. #firstworldproblems =) I have a bit to go before I hit 10% (OK a lot. I started all this at around 36% and am hovering around 25% according to my scale that does it using electricity).