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Beverly Jones
Feb 20  ·  2 min read
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Beverly’s Week 7 (Week 1 of Science)

Hello Keto Chow blog readers.  TODAY IS DAY 50!  Even though these 50 days have been really quite easy for me, I am excited to be at this point in the journey.  Up until now, I have not been fond of knowing what day I am on.  There were too many days ahead – I just couldn’t deal with it in that sense.  I would rather just think of it as an indefinite lifestyle decision.  As I told my husband when we did our liquid diet together over a year ago (with no anticipated end date), “This is life!”  I said it all the time (eyes rolling, even at myself).  It just is what it is.  Deal with it.  Move along.  I have a dry sense of humor and a practical approach to life so this is just how I am.

This week is still technically Week 1 of the Science Phase (this Week 1 ends Thursday night – the weekly starting point is now Friday morning instead of Wednesday morning).  Since the fat source for the first two weeks is heavy whipping cream, everything in my diet and life is same-same as it has been the past 6+ weeks!  I am still doing 1200 calories per day, still drinking my three shakes between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. each day, and still going to yoga classes three times a week.  The only thing that is different for me during Week 1 and Week 2 of the Science Phase is a standing appointment for a blood draw first thing every Friday morning.  Then there is the looming dread of Weeks 3 through 6 where I will be using oil(s) as my fat source.  I am not looking forward to that because I really love the way that Keto Chow shakes taste when they are made with heavy whipping cream!

I said I would not be sharing charts anymore – but I have to!  I have something important to show you.  Check out how my weight loss has like been these 7 weeks to see what true weight loss looks like (it is NOT linear):

This whole time since January 2, I have been trying to not expect weight loss because my weight was already “acceptable” and because I had never tested the 1200-calorie daily limit to see if I could lose on that amount.  But look what is happening – I am losing weight!  I have lost 12.6 pounds in 7 weeks!  If you look at the numbers closely, it almost looks like my body held onto the weight I was at for over five weeks before finally giving up and deciding to start losing again.  Who would have guessed?!  Not me!  (There are four blank days because I did not weigh myself when I went to visit one of my sisters.)

My weekly average chart interests me (and surprises me) also.  It is not at all what I expected would happen.  I was quite content to see a weekly loss of less than 1 pound per week.  Yet here I am with a total loss of 12.6 pounds and an average of 1.8 pounds per week – crazy!

I am anticipating that my weight will stall again right where it is and bounce around like it did in the beginning for a few weeks.  But I could be wrong again.  I can’t wait to see what happens these next 50 days!