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Nov 9  ·  2 min read
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Blueberry Pie – gone in 75 minutes, coming back in the spring.

Blueberry Pie is sold out

This morning we re-released Blueberry Pie, and it sold out almost immediately.

Some time ago we released the Blueberry Pie for the first time, but due to problems with getting enough acacia gum, we only had about half of what we originally ordered. It still sold out in about 6 hours, faster than we anticipated and fast enough that some Keto Chow employees returned the packets they had purchased so that customers could get them. It was nuts.

Fast forward to today: we were able to shift around priorities on the acacia gum so that we could get the remainder of the Blueberry Pie Keto Chow we originally wanted. We actually had MORE of the Blueberry Pie this time and expected it would take far longer to sell out than last time. We got everything ready, added a limiter so people could only order 21 packets, and made the announcements.

I use the plural there because we wanted to get the word out to as many people as possible: a YouTube livestream, a Facebook livestream, an Instagram livestream, a text message blast, an email announcement, emails went out to people that had requested notification the product was restocked, posts on Facebook and Instagram. Aside from personally calling individuals, it was as exhaustive as we could possibly make the announcements.

We did not expect it to sell as quickly as it did. Within 70 minutes the original inventory was sold. We added an additional 200 from the reserve and that was gone by the 75-minute mark (we keep a small percent of the inventory held back in case there are lost shipments or damaged orders).

This was quick enough that some of the emails and text messages were still being sent (they go in waves so as not to overwhelm the receiving email servers and cell providers), so some people got the notifications *AFTER* Blueberry Pie was already sold out. That sucks, and we understand people’s frustration.

Typically we do not make any announcements about what our plans are for flavors until we have executed that plan and have the product in hand and ready to ship but we’re going to make a small exception here:

Due to the overwhelming response to Blueberry Pie, we’ve decided to start the process immediately to bring it back as a seasonal flavor in Spring 2023.

We are planning to bring it back in both individual packets and as 21-meal bulk bags. The specific date we will have it back in stock will not be announced ahead of time, it’ll be sometime in Spring 2023 after we get it in stock and have our shipping team ready to handle orders for it. You can get more information about flavor availability on our status page.