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Dec 21  ·  2 min read
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Changes to Shipping for 2023

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Beginning December 27, 2022, the cost of shipping orders from Keto Chow will be changing. For orders of $100 or more shipping within the United States, the default option will be “Free Economy Shipping.” For orders under $100, or outside the United States, the shopping cart will calculate shipping based on what it costs to ship to you. If you check, you’ll find that this shipping cost is actually lower than what it would cost you to ship the same package to us due to some discounts we have negotiated and are passing on. The threshold applies to the order amount after any discounts are applied and does not include taxes (if applicable).

Over the last year, we and other businesses across the country have had to deal with increasing costs. We’ve had two major price increases for the raw materials that make Keto Chow, along with rising costs for shipping and the actual humans that help with orders. We instituted a price increase in August, a few weeks before we received the second cost increase, and we decided that raising prices again wasn’t something we wanted to do, especially so soon after the last increase.

Instead of raising prices, we are going to be charging shipping on smaller orders under $100. International shipments will continue being charged for shipping. That hasn’t changed.

In December 2021, we decided to try offering free shipping for ALL orders. This had some cool results in that it lowered the bar for getting a few packets of Keto Chow to try, but it also increased the number of smaller shipments, many of which ended up costing as much in shipping as the product—sometimes even being a net loss—and unfortunately is not sustainable.

This isn’t a fun change, but we think it’s a far better option than raising prices.

There are a few exceptions, with specific products that will still get free US shipping (most notably myChow subscriptions). Their descriptions will be updated to include a note about that.