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Jan 29  ·  2 min read
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Changing stuff around here

Hey, got a new theme going on the site. I also added the ability to pay with your credit card.

I installed the new theme to try to figure out what the deal was with product reviews not showing up correctly but I decided to keep it.

I added “CreditCard” as a payment option, using Swipe for the back end. So now there are three options: bitcoin, credit card and PayPal.

The big change… I’m cutting back on mixing People Chow, I’m concentrating on Keto Chow. It’s what I personally use and I feel Keto Chow is better tasting, better mouth feel and frankly better nutrition. It’s a bit of a longstory. the short version is: I’m still doing subscription orders of People Chow; if people want to keep one active, I’m going to keep making it for them. I’m not doing the samples or the regular “buy one week” anymore though.

The creator of the People Chow recipe (MaxK) is going to be launching his own site (hopefully) soon and I’m going to be deferring to him, I have enough Keto Chow orders to keep me crazy busy. Unfortunately I haven’t heard much from him in the last few days so I’m not sure what the status of his new site is. Ideally people looking to try People Chow 3.0.1 (and the long rumored 4.0 Max has been working towards) will be able to get it from him.

UPDATE: I still haven’t heard anything from MaxK about him launching a new place> to order People Chow. To re-cap briefly: I stopped mixing people chow for new customers and am only sending it to existing subscribers. In my opinion Keto Chow is way better than People Chow, even if you’re not going full-bore with a ketogenic diet. I still have great videos showing how to mix your own People Chow. So where can you get People Chow if you still want to order some pre-mixed? Here are a few sources: