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Apr 13  ·  2 min read
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Cost of ingredients are going up, what that means for the price of Keto Chow

Keto Chow powder

We were notified a few months ago by our protein supplier that the cost of the Milk Protein Isolate would be increasing in 2020.

The change is now already here.

It’s something that’s happening across the industry and, frankly, sucks. We received the final updated costs and the average (median) increased cost for the various flavors of Keto Chow was 20% higher due to the variations in the cost of the protein, the vitamins we are using, the flavors, and more. Some flavors are going up quite a lot more, with others the increases are only 19% or so. We’re also going to be switching from regular salt to Redmond Real Salt, fortunately, the price difference on that one is only 4 cents for 21 meals (yay!). The base powder had its costs increased by 31%.

So: what does this mean for the price of Keto Chow?

From the beginning, the goal of Keto Chow has been simply to make getting proper nutrition easier for people (mostly me, but you all get the benefits too =). It wasn’t started as a money grab, and the original recipe to make it yourself is still available for anyone to use. We are going to be raising prices, but it will be less than the 20% we are getting hit with. The Soup flavors that use the beef protein will be unaffected by this increase so their prices will be unchanged for now.

The Sweet flavors and the Savory Chicken will have their price standardized to $70 for the 21 meal bags and $4.75 for the sample size (everything’s the same price as Chocolate Peanut Butter), Base Powder price increased to $44.

This represents a 6-8% increase for the 21 meal bulk bags, a 12% increase for the sample size (as opposed to a 20% increase on all sizes which would have seen the prices go far higher), and a 4.7% increase for the Base Powder. Any cost increase sucks, but we decided that we could absorb the costs of passing on a far smaller increase to our customers.

When? Tuesday, April 14, 2020. EDIT: change is LIVE.

We waited on making the change until we started receiving product at the higher costs. Today we received our second higher-priced shipment of Chocolate Peanut Butter and we recently received several thousand of the Chocolate, also at the higher price. Those two flavors make up the bulk of our sales so it’s time to make the change. This change will go into effect throughout the day on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. It won’t be at any specific time as many of the changes take hours to implement. EDIT: the updated prices are currently live now..

It’s not a lot of heads-up, but it’s some. It’s a sucky time to be raising prices but it has to be done sometime and now is unfortunately it.