facebook pixelKeto Chow Blog - Credit Card payment via Stripe works again (sigh)
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Jun 30  ·  < 1 min read
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Credit Card payment via Stripe works again (sigh)


Last week when I was on vacation, I spent one morning updating the plugins on my site. It was super fun to do over a cellular connection but that’s vacation.

Somehow while I was doing the updates I managed to deactivate credit card payments using Stripe. That meant you could still pay via Paypal, Credit Card (again via Paypal but it’s confusing to look at), and Bitcoin. I noticed that sales were down a bit but I couldn’t figure out why.

Ever been half way through the day and discovered your pants were unzipped? I make it a policy to let people know if I see that. I feel like an old curmudgeon telling a girl that her dress is tucked into her nylons but I figure they would rather know. I know I do!

Anyway So it’s turned back on and everything is happy again.