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Chris Bair holding bacon
Feb 3  ·  2 min read
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Day 031 – 100 days of Keto (Chow)

chris sleeping
  • Weight: 208.1
  • Blood ketones: 1.3 mmol/L

Long (cold) day yesterday. Spent most of the day helping set up several booths at the Salt Palace convention center for the RootsTech conference that’s starting today.

My blood ketone levels are WAY up because I did intermittent fasting for most of the day yesterday: drank a snickerdoodle keto chow while driving home, then drank another after I got home and finished the evening with left-over keto chow muffins. Not bothering with eating most of the day turned out to be a very good thing – the giant expo hall we were setting up computers in had forklifts running in and out all day so they don’t have the heat on and with the wind blowing it, you might as well be outside. With the weather being in the low 20’s that was pretty cold and I’m not as big a guy as I used to be, I even wear sweaters now. I had a jacket on but it wasn’t nearly up to the task, I even took a break to head into the bathroom and use the hand dryer to warm up my hands enough to get some feeling back in them. Ever tried plugging in 4-dimensional USB cables with numb fingers?

So while all the other guys were off to lunch, I jogged the 3 blocks back to my office cubicle, grabbed my heavy winter coat and gloves (along with coats for 3 other guys that were also unprepared) and brought them back. I’ll be bringing my coat to the expo hall today =) It was nice to not have to worry about food all day though, going to do it again today and maybe for the rest of the week – though I’m not sure, I might just skip breakfast since I’m unsure what time I’ll be heading home Thurs-Saturday.

When I got home my wife and 3 of the kids had an activity to go to so I had the remaining kids clean their rooms for a few minutes then let them watch the last episode of My Diet is Better Than Yours since one of them fell asleep during the initial broadcast. This time I was the one that fell asleep. My wife came home and took a picture (and let me sleep for a few more minutes until the 6 year old came and poked my shoulder and told me it was time to wake up); she said “you can use that for tomorrow’s post” – so I did =).