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Mar 7  ·  < 1 min read
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Days 063 & 064 – 100 days of Keto (Chow)

  • Weight: 206.6
  • Blood ketones: <0.1 mmol/L
  • Weight: 207.3
  • Blood ketones: 0.6 mmol/L

Um, that’s the wrong way. +2.7lbs since Friday? You’d almost think I got too many hidden carbs on Saturday.

(This is likely exactly what happened, went to dinner with my parents and I’m guessing the “sugar free jello” at the buffet wasn’t low carb… or something.) The weird thing is that even though my blood ketone levels bottomed out Sunday morning due to my largess on Saturday, they’re back up to 0.6 again this morning.

Anyway, this week should be good, I’m testing out the new vitamin/mineral pre-mix. It uses magnesium citrate instead of magnesium chloride and tastes much better. The first one I drank did have a slight metallic after taste but since then it’s been fine. I’m probably going to make a batch with the remainder and have other people test it out. Of the 3 people that have tasted it, 2 think it tastes exactly the same (I was the outlier).

Looks like the DEXA scan place nearby does offer quantity discounts: the first one is $99 – subsequent scans are $75. It’s probably since you’re already in the system and they’re just adding additional data point(s).