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Jan 11  ·  < 1 min read
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Keto Chow top flavors – Leaderboard December 2022

treemap graph of the most popular flavors, see the table below for a text version.

It’s time again to look at the most popular Keto Chow flavors! The last time we looked at the top flavors, we saw Irish Cream and Apple pie were the big winners. This time we saw Banana, Snickerdoodle, and Lemon making big advancements along with the debut of Peanut Butter, Gingerbread, and Pina Colada. S’mores and Peaches & Cream were discontinued so their numbers came down to nearly zero. For the figures, we are combining all of the meals for each flavor, regardless of the size; so singles or bulk bags are all together in one lump sum.

The figures represent 12 months of order data, averaged out by month. You will notice that the Limited Edition and the newer flavors are not present, due to the limited sales data we have on them.

treemap graph of the most popular flavors, see the table below for a text version.
graph showing the change in popularity of flavors. See below for a text table of the same data.

For those with a screen reader, or that just want to look at the data in a tabular format, here you go:

Chocolate Peanut Butter10.00%9.60%0.40%
Chocolate Toffee6.60%6.60%0.00%
Salted Caramel6.30%6.50%-0.20%
Raspberry Cheesecake5.30%5.00%0.30%
Caramel Macchiato5.10%5.40%-0.30%
Chocolate Mint3.70%3.60%0.10%
Lemon Meringue3.50%2.90%0.60%
Cookies & Cream2.90%3.10%-0.20%
Apple Pie2.80%2.90%-0.10%
Irish Cream2.70%3.10%-0.40%
Pumpkin Spice2.10%3.00%-0.90%
Plain Peanut Butter1.90%0.00%1.90%
Orange Cream1.80%2.30%-0.50%
Pina Colada1.70%0.00%1.70%
Natural Strawberry1.40%1.50%-0.10%
Root Beer Float1.30%1.50%-0.20%
Chicken Soup1.10%1.20%-0.10%
Beef Base0.60%0.70%-0.10%
Spicy Taco0.60%0.70%-0.10%
Tomato basil0.60%0.60%0.00%