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Jan 2  ·  < 1 min read
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KCOMAD20 – My plan for 2020: Doing One Keto Meal A Day or 3 Keto Chow


Last year I started 2019 doing 100 days of only Keto Chow for all my meals. A lot of that was to prove it was viable as a sole source of nutrients to prove the haters wrong =).

I also did it to test out some theories about how different fats impact my cholesterol and triglyceride numbers. It was a really good experiment that yielded great data, I also missed eating brisket. This year I’m starting a different project, my plan is to either eat:

  • One Meal A Day (also known as OMAD)
  • 3 Keto Chow shakes

Without any snacking, no “cheating,” etc… I’m planning to make the 3 Keto Chow shakes the rule, rather than the exception with 60-75% of my days as Keto Chow only. Having the option of doing a large meal of keto food that isn’t Keto Chow allows me to still challenge myself while allowing flexibility for other keto foods when the occasion arises. Unlike last year I will not be the guy that’s drinking a shake when I cook ribs for Sunday dinner!

I’m also planning to do a daily (on weekdays, maybe on Saturdays) live stream on the Keto Chow Facebook page and Keto Chow YouTube channel – Planning on 9:15am Mountain, which is 11:15am Eastern, 10:15am Central, 8:15am Pacific. I checked the “Keto and Low Carb Live Stream” calendar on LowCarbEvents.com and was worried that there would be a conflict with Keto Connect’s daily Instagram live stream, then I remembered that all of the events on that are shown in Eastern time zone by default. Probably the easiest way to be reminded, if you want to watch the live streams, is to subscribe on Youtube and click the bell icon to be notified.