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Jan 16  ·  2 min read
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Keto and Kidneys from a Golden Oldie, Senior citizen viewpoint


Here is a followup experience to an earlier post about “Golden Oldies.”

Caution is always advised when considering a new diet and I read all the studies, comments and concerns about

[moderate] protein/low carb combinations.  I did not factor in my response to the protein powder because I did not realize my kidney function was diminished.  I have had two painful episodes.  The first seemed attributable to dehydration, which should be avoided at all times.  The second hit me hard after limiting protein powder for 3 weeks and deciding my issues had been temporary.  They are permanent and very painful.  I am fortunate, that I appear to have recovered without serious damage.
I share this to help others be aware of the remote, but real, possibility of kidney problems.  My age could be a factor, since I am over 65, but husband is just a few months older and he has no problems.  Other health impairments could also contribute to the difficulty; but I have heard my body’s clear message and will try to find less intense ways to balance nutrition and protein intake.
I have not “found” the weight I lost during the two months on the keto diet.  It helped me become much more aware of the hidden sugars that lurk in commercially prepared foods.  Changing eating habits to better choices is beneficial and this continues to be my plan.
I personally, liked the Keto Chow approach and wish I could maintain it.  Keto Chow is simple, easy to prepare and delicious.  My husband will keep his schedule of enjoying 2-3 meals a day.  We see embracing sugar free living as a way to be kind to our aging bodies and not become diabetic.
Bottom line:  if you can tolerate the protein…try the Keto Chow.  It is amazing.

So there you go: if you have kidney problems, check carefully to make sure you can handle the protein; and specifically the protein powder.