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Nov 1  ·  2 min read
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giving gifts

With all the crazy good Black Friday deals coming up, you may be thinking “Hmmm. There’s so much to choose from. Where do I start?”* 

You’re in luck! We’ve included picks for everyone on your list.** Or you know. Just for you. Because you deserve some pretty awesome stuff this season, too. (#TreatYourself?)

For the keto newbie 

drinking keto chow and driving

Ahem. *waits* You’re not going to make us do the whole “we have keto meals that are ready in seconds, nutritionally complete, and abso-freaking-lutely delicious in 30+ flavors” thing, are you? Cool, thanks.  With six delicious flavors and a free digital guide to keto, the Essentials Kit is the simplest way to go from “how do I do this?” to “keto and loving it!”

For the keto hostess

women holding drinks

Keto for the Holidays and the accompanying masterclass by Carrie Brown are the perfect gifts for anyone who just can’t wait to host their next dinner party…

For the “brunch is the best day of the week” crowd

chocolate waffle

Everything is cuter when it’s mini. Waffles (and chaffles!) are absolutely no exception, so there’s really just one right answer: the Dash mini waffle maker.

For the keto chef

couple cooking

“Salt is just salt, right?” Nope! And the best tasting, most nutrient-rich kind is Redmond Real Salt. The keto foodie in your life will thank you. (If that keto foodie is you…hello! *waves through the screen*)

For the one with a high-stress job

construction job

Know someone who could use a little help chilling out after a stressful week? Or maybe who’s been feeling a little more anxious than usual lately? Weighted blankets can help provide a sense of comfort and security, and help to calm the nervous system. (Yay science!)

For the aspiring writer

woman writing

This one’s easy: a writerly mug like the one at the link below. You show your support of their goals and enable their copious caffeine habit—which we’re pretty sure is a prerequisite for being a writer anyway. It’s a win all around. 

For the outdoorsy one

man hiking

Make sure the hunter in your life stays warm on those long days with a good pair of woolen socks. They are naturally antimicrobial, meaning they will also repel odor…and no doubt the hunter you give them will tell you all about why that’s important…

For the person who has never met a houseplant they didn’t want

woman petting dog next to plants

If you know someone whose home basically feels like a forest, an aquameter will make them absolutely giddy. More houseplants die from being overwater than under, so an aquameter for those especially finicky plants can be a lifesaver. (Well, plant-saver, anyway.) It gives you a quick visual indication of how wet the soil or growing medium is, so you know when it’s time to water, and when to back off. 

For the “ice cream makes everything better” crowd

mint chocolate cookie ice cream

If you want to go all out for the ice cream-obsessed person in your life, the gift of the season hands down is a Ninja™ CREAMi®. Making ice cream has never been so flexible, or so satisfying. Trust us. We’ve even got an Ice Cream Bundle for Black Friday that goes perfectly with this to make that extra bit special!

For the fitness fanatic

woman doing yoga

A foam roller is absolutely non-negotiable, and this one from Triggerpoint is especially good when sore muscles need to be rolled out.


*Maybe not, but thanks for humoring us anyway!

**Please note some of these are affiliate links, allowing Keto Chow to earn a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you.