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Jul 22  ·  2 min read
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Keto Chow prices will be increasing on August 1, 2022


This always stinks. Our costs have continued to increase over the last few months. We were hit with a 19% increase in April, another one is likely coming in the next few weeks, and our other costs of doing business have been moving too. We’re also in the middle of severe component shortages. Magnesium is okay now, but acacia gum is scarce throughout the world and the lecithin we use to make everything mix without clumping – well…that comes from Ukraine.

On August 1, we will be raising the price of the large bags of Keto Chow by 12.5% to $90.00 ($4.29 per meal). The individual meal packets will be going up 10% to $5.50. We are not raising the prices of the electrolytes as their costs to us have remained comparably stable.

This isn’t something we like doing – frankly, it sucks. We recognize that a large portion of you use Keto Chow extensively as an effortless way to get good nutrition and we’ve always tried to keep our prices down as much as we can afford. We’re still trying to do that at the cost of our margin, or the percentage we make to cover our costs (employees, replacements for lost or damaged packages, boxes, etc…). Whenever people ask if they can buy Keto Chow in retail stores the answer is: no, our margins are too small for that – we would need to set the price a LOT higher for retail to be interested. We would rather keep the price as low as we can.

The costs of new subscriptions will also be increasing on August 1. Existing subscriptions will have their prices updated starting August 16. (See the table below for the new prices.) Our preference would be to let subscriptions stay at the old price for a few months; unfortunately, that’s not an option longer than a few weeks so we can make sure people have sufficient advanced notice. After August 1, if you change the size (20, 30, 60, etc…) of a myChow Kit subscription, you will receive the new pricing. If you change the delivery date, or the flavors that are part of a “pick your flavors” kit, the price will not be affected until our team updates the prices (August 16).

Number of mealsNew myChow Kit pricingNew myChow Surprise Kit pricing
20 meals$93.50$88
30 meals$118.58$111.60
42 meals$153N/A
60 meals$237.15$223.20
84 meals$306N/A
90 meals$355.73$334.80