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Sep 16  ·  2 min read
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Keto Chow Success Stories: Dan G.

dan g. success story

Dan G.

In 2018 I was struggling at work. My memory wasn’t doing well and I could not focus. I just felt like I was in a fog all of the time. I was overweight at 252 lbs. I thought it was all of the caffeine I was drinking that was causing the brain fog so I went off of caffeine and it didn’t get any better. By the end of July 2018 I decided to go to the doctor. I had high blood pressure every time I had visited the doctor for a few years but didn’t think anything of it. The first week of August 2018 the doctor called and asked me to come into his office and visit about my blood results. When I met with him in his office he began to tell me that my A1C was high. It was 9.3. He also mentioned that my triglycerides were high to. And he explained about the correlation between abdominal fat, triglycerides, and heart disease. He also talked about Metformin, and how it isn’t that bad as he had been on it for a number of years. Here I was being told this at 38 years old. I asked him if I could take a few months and try and get things under control first. I picked up a blood glucose meter and began testing throughout the day keeping a journal of the readings as well as what I was eating. My fasting blood glucose at that time was around 175 in the morning. If I ate a burger and fries it would raise to about 270. I started to read about low carb diets. I had tried a number of protein drinks and meal replacements but found they would all spike my blood glucose. I then tried Keto Chow and found that it didn’t raise my blood sugar like the others I had tried. This was fantastic for me to find out as it simplified my life as I travel so much for work. I began living a low carb lifestyle. In November 2018 I returned to the doctor. To my surprise when the nurse checked my blood pressure it was normal. In fact I remember her commenting on how it was perfect. The weight had been falling off during these 3 months. When I got the results back from the doctor my a1c had dropped down to 5.7, and my triglycerides had dropped to 143. The doctor had said whatever I was doing to keep doing it. By February 2019 I was down to 170lbs. I had lost over 80lbs in 6 months with just diet alone. At that point I had not started exercising. For the last year I have been maintaining the same weight and continuing to keep the low carb lifestyle while adding exercise. My last blood work was fantastic! My blood pressure has been great, my a1c was down to 5.0 (without medication), and my triglycerides were down to 42. One thing to note, I have not tracked my macros during this journey. My guide has been my blood glucose meter. That being said, my meals are very low carb as I try and keep my post meal reading no more than 20 milligrams per deciliter above my pre-meal reading. Therefore if my pre-meal reading is at 90 milligrams per deciliter than my post meal reading should not be more than 110 milligrams per deciliter.