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Jan 23  ·  2 min read
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Keto Chow Success Stories: David H.

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I was never able to break 200 lbs. via another very widely known program established by a cardiologist high up in the telephone directly. I was able to consistently drop 20 lbs. to 200 lbs. each time I tried, but after one month I’d flat line and not make any further progress. This happened on-and-off for 5-10 years.

In March of 2020, one the day that I was furloughed due to the pandemic, I set a goal to get back onto low carb. In the following May/June, I stumbled across the Rapunzel ad from Keto Chow and decided to try it.

I subsequently dropped from 220 lbs. to an initial all-time low of 195 lbs. and then eventually to 185 lbs. It did take time due to recovering from obesity and the effects of metabolic syndrome.

The key things being that…

  1. Keto Chow did make keto/low carb easy. For me, it allowed me to establish a day-in/day-out routine empowering me to stay with it. I need routine and something that’s mindless.
  2. Keto Chow connected me with a support community with plenty of input, support and guidance.
  3. Most of all (and most importantly), thanks to the experiments of Chris and others, combined with others focus on biohacking & health, I developed a fascination/awareness with nutrition and it’s effects on the body. Case in point, I’m on a first name basis with a phlebotomist.

I am now convinced that the most important thing to weight loss isn’t losing the weight. Rather, it’s changing our relationship with food and our bodies.

Keto Chow is a tool that puts the breaks on behavior which isn’t necessarily “bad,” but isn’t the “best.” Overall, my health has improved from improving my nutrition as well as upping the exercise.

Are you on keto?: Yes, lean keto.

How long have you been using Keto Chow: 2.5 years