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Sep 16  ·  2 min read
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Keto Chow Success Stories: Nicole C.

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Nicole C.

Keto since early 2019, Keto Chow since August 2020.

I’ve been doing all the dieting crap for 30 years. I am an emergency and specialty veterinary nurse and have a really tough relationship with food.

When you are working a 15 hr shift and someone brings in donuts, and you really don’t LIKE donuts, you eat three right off the bat.
Because you haven’t eaten in ten hours.

Recently I suffered from several spinal injuries related to the physical aspect of my job.

Nothing helped.
Misery for a year.

I realized the first thing we do when accessing animal patients is address their diet.
We’ve been shrinking tumors and curing diseases with the keto diet for over 10 years in dogs.
Why am I not applying my knowledge of nutrition to myself?
I was fed up with pills.
And especially fed up with pain.

I finally quit “dieting” and “changed my diet” to low carb/anti-inflammatory I put many oncology patients on in the past.
Within a week, my skin cleared up. Within two weeks, I had feeling in my hands again and was able to work a full shift. Within a month, I quit caffeine!

I have been doing keto for about a year and a half now and have never been happier!

But I have to admit, it’s been Lazy keto during quarantine.
I lost 40 pounds and managed to keep it off but I have plateaued due to my lazy keto plan and covid.

Until I found this.
Keto Chow is the first meal replacer I’ve ever had in my entire life that taste delicious, isn’t grainy, and will actually satiate me for the entire day.
I don’t even think about food until it’s dinner time.

That’s insane.

I have lost several pounds already in my first few days and feel really energetic and healthy!!!

I wish I had this product sooner!