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Jan 26  ·  2 min read
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New Electrolyte Supplements

Graphs showing different electrolytes levels
Electrolyte DropsMagnesium DropsFasting Drops

Happy Day! We finally have the empty pocket bottles for the reformulated Fasting Drops, along with the big bottles and empties of the Electrolyte Drops. That means that all we need are the small filled pocket bottles of the Electrolyte Drops. So what does all of this mean? What features do they have? When do you use which electrolyte supplement?

OK, check out the image at the top of this post, it illustrates the differences in the 3 supplements very well. It should be noted that all 3 of these also contain other trace minerals that are naturally occurring in the purified water from the Great Salt Lake they are made from. All of the minerals are completely dissolved in the water and are extremely bioavailable, so unlike a Magnesium Oxide pill that you may only absorb 1-2% of the listed Magnesium, your body should be able to absorb most, if not all, of the Magnesium Chloride in the 3 variations we carry.

We have 3 different Electrolyte Supplements:

  • Electrolyte Drops: a balanced mix of Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium (along with other trace minerals). These used to be called “Fasting Drops.”
    • These are for general electrolytes and hydration. I’ve also been reminded (repeatedly) that we should be marketing these as a hangover remedy.
    • Useful when you just need more of all 3 electrolytes, not just one specifically.
    • Helpful if you’re experiencing electrolyte deficiency, AKA: “Keto Flu.”
    • In practical terms, this is Mag Drops + Fasting Drops with added Potassium and some deionized water to prevent crystallization.
  • Mag Drops: concentrated Magnesium with some Sodium and Potassium (along with other trace minerals).
    • High levels of Magnesium Chloride make it great for stopping cramps.
    • We have many reports from people using to help with mood problems and mild depression.
    • There’s a cool paper showing supplementation of Magnesium for 4 months improved insulin sensitivity.
  • Fasting Drops: High levels of Sodium with some Magnesium and small traces of Potassium (along with other trace minerals). These are a new product, not to be confused with the old “Fasting Drops” – those are now called “Electrolyte Drops.”
    • This product is a result of discussion with leaders in the field of fasting, many of their patients need to restrict their potassium because of kidney disease so the old formulation of Fasting Drops (now “Electrolyte Drops”) posed a problem.
    • They also requested higher levels of Sodium. This is as high as we can get before it starts forming crystals.
    • You’re also getting all of the trace minerals, it’s a lot like using pink Himalayan salt but without any dirt flavor and no sand in the bottom of your water.

So, that should help clear things up =)