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Chris Bair holding bacon
Oct 2  ·  < 1 min read
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New Packaging for Sample All The Things!

Today we started shipping Sample All The Things! bundle in its new packaging (see above). It’s really a cosmetic thing but it looks cool and should also help keep the samples from being damaged. I actually had a different design for the front but we ultimately decided on the more sensible design. It’s a shame, really, as I spent a couple hours enhancing the image to look OK when printed =( One last note: you may notice in the picture at the top that there are only 7 samples and the Chocolate Peanut Butter sample is missing. That’s because we are currently out of stock on the samples of Chocolate Peanut butter and we won’t have them until sometime in Mid-October at the earliest. So we lowered the price of the sample bundle and took it out for now. It was either that or not have the sample bundle at all. Artwork adapted from Hyperbole and a Half (her FAQ says I can use it so long as I have “Proper credit includes a prominent, easily visible link to the source of the material you want to use” – DONE! =)