facebook pixelKeto Chow Blog - Order $100 and get ONE Keto Chow Blender Bottle for just $1 – new Keto Chow logo and shopping cart coming
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Dec 25  ·  2 min read
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Order $100 and get ONE Keto Chow Blender Bottle for just $1 – new Keto Chow logo and shopping cart coming

keto chow blender bottles

We’re going to run this promo through the new year of 2019 but we’re starting it now! If you order over $100, you can grab a Keto Chow Blender Bottle for $1.

These aren’t the cheap knock-offs, they’re the real thing – we have several that we’ve been using since 2014 and they’re still as good as ever (although those ones didn’t have a Keto Chow logo on the side, mostly because that logo was designed in January 2015).

I don’t have a way for it to give you a free bottle for EACH $100, it’s one per order, sorry: platform limitations. Speaking of logos and platform limitations: We’re going to be doing some major changes around here in the coming month or so.

Change #1 is a new logo. As mentioned earlier, the current logo was designed in 2015. It consisted of Chris (that’s me) grabbing a bunch of design elements that had to do with weight loss, shakes, powder, and sciency stuff; picking a font, and Miriam put boxes around it. We have been working with an actual design company to get a brand new logo that better speaks to what Keto Chow is. We’re not quite ready to reveal it just yet, but it’s coming. That’s one of the reasons we are doing a sale on the Blender Bottles with the old logo, and we didn’t want to be “those guys” that don’t give you a heads-up beforehand. That’s lame.

Change #2 is a new shopping cart. The problems with the current platform have been an issue for some time. Especially problems with people not being able to check out and other availability problems. We are nearly finished getting the new shopping cart ready to go and are hoping to have it LIVE before the beginning of 2019. One caveat: instead of creating user accounts for everyone in the new shopping cart, we’re going to let it start fresh. You will be able to use social account to log in to the new system though. I’ll also keep the old cart running for a few months so you (and we) can refer back to it during the transition for order history and such.