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Feb 2  ·  2 min read
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Our Favorite PSMF Resources

dishes from the PSMF ebook

With the release of our recent e-book, the PSMF Guide, where we spotlight some incredible PSMF recipes courtesy of Maria Emmerich (cookbook author extraordinaire), we wanted to provide you with a resource roundup that you can use if you choose to try PSMF and incorporate it into your keto plan. 

References and information articles

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Food and recipes

egg white protein crepes
  • Maria Emmerich has TONS of amazing PSMF recipes, from main dishes to desserts. The recipes that we feature in the PSMF Guide are just a tiny taste of the delish that she whips up on a regular basis!
  • Ketogenic Woman has some PSMF recipes, including cinnamon rolls and turkey burgers. (Yum!)
  • Try some of our PSMF recipes like our Sweet Cinnamon Crepes, using our Egg White Protein. (Pro tip: it’s incredibly useful to have on hand for PSMF days! It adds extra protein without adding fat, and is super versatile, making baked goods possible while still sticking to your macros.)

Feel free to share your favorite resources in the comments! Remember that PSMF is not designed to be used exclusively for long periods of time. It’s important to consult your healthcare provider about what is right for you. Nothing in life is “one size fits all”–including the way you eat! And don’t forget to download your free copy of the PSMF Guide.