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Jun 18  ·  < 1 min read
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Savory Chicken Soup has arrived.

Savory Chicken Soup 21 meal bulk bag

You may have thought this day would never come, but it did! The Savory Chicken Soup is in stock and available for purchase.

Couple of things to note: there was a manufacturing defect. We had previously tested using the B vitamin Riboflavin to add a yellow color but decided to remove it in the final version. But the manufacturer forgot to save the change or something so this first run has it. So it’ll mix up very yellow. The issue is that Riboflavin is a water soluble vitamin. You’ll easily absorb it from food and any excess will be immediately excreted in your urine (to the best of my knowledge it isn’t possible to overdose on any of the b vitamins or on vitamin C). The result is that when you drink a full meal of this first batch of 2.1.0, your pee is going to be bright yellow. Like Mtn Dew yellow. It’s not harmful, just rather odd.

Also, although the ingredients say it contains sucralose, it does not. That would be gross. Totally my mistake.

Final note. I accidentally duplicated the instructions for mixing a single sample meal so it says to use a “full packet” instead of one scoop. It never ends. Here are better instructions:

How to prepare Savory Chicken Soup Keto Chow

So, with all that out of the way, game on!