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Jan 17  ·  2 min read
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Soylent Day 4

Another update for soylent. So I did eventually get hungry. Right around 21:00 last night, my stomach felt empty and I wanted to eat. I thought that it might just be that I was thirsty since my mouth felt dry. So I drank a bunch and it (mostly) went away. The odd thing was when I woke up today I wasn’t hungry at all, which is kinda odd. So I guess I wasn’t hungry last night… or something. I also had made it a point to only consume soylent for the entire day, for better or for worse. I made it:

meal calorie counter

My wife forgot and tried to give me some Chicken in a Biscuit crackers and I came really close to eating some chocolate – even had it written down in mynetdiary – but I decided to do it right. Anyhow…

One of the big questions a lot of people have is: so how will this affect my gastrointestinal tract? Lee Hutchinson did his own hilarious write up on his second day of Soylent but here is my “plumbing” experience:

  • On Day 1 I mixed the stuff way too thick and had a lot of heartburn and burping (although correlation != causation) – there is a slight possibility some of this was due to a short stomach bug that gave me the runs and the desire not to eat the day before I started all this (Day -1? Day 0? I don’t know!) – though it only lasted until noon and I was feeling perfectly fine by dinner.
  • Since day 1 I haven’t had a problem with gas… from either end. I’d go so far as to say there is substantially *less* than a week ago. From what I understand this is likely due to the use of Corn as the primary carbohydrate source, as opposed to the oat flour that is used in the official Soylent.
  • If you really want to know, I’d say this morning was about a 4.5 on the Bristol scale and there’s far less volume. Also it was lighter, like #FFDB4A.
  • I said it earlier but I have noticed that my mouth feels dry a lot. I’m not sure if it’s dehydration (which honestly seems unlikely right now – there’s no way I’ve been running fluid through my kidneys at that rate and been dehydrated) or some sort of after-taste from the vitamin powder but drinking does make it go away for quite a while… until it comes back =)
  • Speaking of dehydration. It was pointed out to me that “The extra b vitamins will make bright colors when they come out” – and that makes sense given the bright yellow tint. I guess I should be happy it isn’t red.

One other fun thing: the trend is looking good so far