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Oct 9  ·  < 1 min read
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The “vitamins now included” stickers

So it’s been about a month since I started putting the vitamins into the powder mixture. All of the packages I have mixed up have the vitamins included.

So the “vitamins are included” stickers are a bit redundant. I’m running low on the stickers and don’t want to make more so as soon as I run out of the ones I have I’m going to stop putting the stickers on. If you order one of the more popular flavors like vanilla, rich chocolate or cookies & cream you might get a package without the sticker as early as next week, less popular flavors will have them for a while. On a related note, last night I was updating the labels and noticed that the day packs still said to take a vitamin pill doh! So I fixed that.

Final note, my preferred DNS registrar recently had a sale on .xyz domains so you can now get to this site by going to ketochow.xyz (you can also use keto-chow.com and ketochow.net).

Why don’t I have ketochow.com (without a dash)? well, that’s a fun story involving a domain squatter who saw me register @ketochow on twitter, found the guy in England that owned ketochow.com, bought it for about $160 and then turned around and tried to shake me down for $6000. I declined and he then tried to sell it to my “competitors” whom all flatly refused to work with him (thanks guys!).