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Jul 27  ·  3 min read
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28 keto breakfast ideas to add variety to your diet

7 favorite keto breakfasts

Whether you’ve been keto for two days or 20 years, figuring out what to have for breakfast may be one of the hurdles that you face.

If you’re used to grabbing a grain bar or enjoying a bowl of sugary cereal, what foods can you enjoy as you start your day? Fortunately, there are plenty of keto-friendly breakfast foods that are delicious, popular, and easy to add into your rotation—even for those of us who are, shall we say, not very good at mornings.

Here are some of our favorite keto breakfasts:

5-minute keto breakfasts

1. Green Smoothie

Distant view-Close up-glass mug with green smoothie. Green and white straw in the smoothie. Surrounded by lemons, ginger and a coconut.

The perfect solution for busy weekday mornings, this smoothie will give you an energy boost to get you through your day.

2. Bacon and Eggs

Cast iron skillet with an easy over egg. Three strips of cooked bacon on the side.

Yep. It’s classic, but there’s a reason for that! Easy to make, delicious to eat, hard to beat. This is a firm favorite of many keto-ers, and we fully agree. You could say the lyrics of a popular song apply to our feelings about bacon and eggs. “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…never gonna say goodbye…” 🎶 (If you need your breakfast really quick, cook your bacon in the microwave to speed things up!)

3. Eggs With Avocado

egg on avocado

Make some quick scrambled eggs, and add a slice or two of avocado! This adds an extra bit of healthy fat to supercharge your day! (For whenever you want those ready-to-take-on-the-world vibes.)

4. Strawberry Chia Pudding

chia pudding

Are you new to the wonderful world of chia pudding? Allow us to make the introduction for you: chia seeds, soaked in a keto-friendly milk overnight, with add-ins like berries or nuts, become a creamy lightly sweet make-ahead breakfast that you are sure to return to again and again.

5. Cottage Cheese With Berries

cottage cheese with berries

This is as simple as it gets! (And let’s be real, sometimes that’s what we need.) It’s an easy breakfast that adds just a bit of tang and sweetness to your day! If you’re running late and don’t have time to throw a smoothie in the blender, this option will be your best friend. 

6. Banana-Walnut Bars

breakfast banana bars

Okay so this is kind of cheating because these bars take about 15 minutes to prep and 25 to cook, BUT if you make a quick batch on the weekend, it’s a zero-minute breakfast for busy mornings! Just grab one and go. And of course they’re super delicious. (Obviously.)

7. Lemon Mug Cake

Close up - Lemon Blueberry Mug Cake with lemon wedges on the side.

Don’t give us that look. Cake for breakfast is a valid choice. Especially one as healthy and fast as this one.

8. Raspberry Almond Smoothie

Side view- Single, tall glass with smoothie, topped with raspberries. Raspberries on table around the glass.

If you are missing a bit of berry zing in your morning, this smoothie should do the trick.

9. Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

smoothie bowl

No better way to start your day than a smoothie bowl.

15-minute breakfasts

10. Caramel Chai Porridge


The perfect comfort food for chilly mornings…

11. Western Omelet Chaffle

omelet waffle with cheese

What could be better than an omelet in chaffle form? The answer is nothing. Absolutely nothing.

12. Sweet Cinnamon Protein Crepes

egg white protein crepes

Parisian vibes. All the Parisian vibes.

13. Cafe au Lait

cafe au latte

A creamy drink for cold mornings when you just need a little hygge to keep you going.

14. Chocolate Chip Chaffles

chocolate chip chaffle

There’s nothing like a bit of chocolate to start your day off on the right foot.

15. Everything Bagel Chaffles

everything bagel chaffle

Proof of just how versatile (and how fabulously delicious) chaffles can be.

16. Radish Hash Brown Chaffles

hash brown chaffle

A crispy keto hash brown patty meets the chaffle, and let’s just say…YUM!

17. Hot Snickerdoodle Cereal

keto hot cereal

A fantastically satisfying breakfast for chilly mornings.

Weekend breakfasts

18. Eggs In Any Form

boiled eggs

Eggs, eggs, everywhere. They’re simple, fast, affordable, and super keto-friendly! Try our ham and egg cups if you’re looking for a new egg recipe to try.

Sick of the meal prep that comes with separating egg whites? Check out our egg white powder.

19. Waffle Sandwich

mini keto waffle sandwiches

Eggs, sausage, and a little keto-fied magic.

20. Raspberry Eggnog Muffins

eggnog muffins

Sweet, spiced, buttery, and festive with a pop of juicy red from fresh raspberries.

21. Orange Mango Muffins

mango muffins

Fruity and balanced, these muffins are ideal for a summer brunch.

22. Irish Cream Belgian Waffle

Close up - two Irish Cream Belgian Waffles, topped with whipped cream.

Nothing says brunch more than a decadent Belgian waffle…

23. Blueberry Banana Muffins and Donuts

banana donut muffins

The humble banana muffin is back and better than ever.

24. Pumpkin Spice Crullers

pumpkin crullers

These donut-like pastries are every bit as delicious as they look, and are perfect for lazy weekend mornings.

25. Drop Biscuits

keto drop biscuits

Biscuits and gravy, anyone? (Check out our gravy recipe, too.)

26. Banana Bread

keto banana bread

It’s banana bread. And it’s keto. That says it all, really.

27. Raspberry Scones

keto raspberry scones

Um, yes, please!

28. Waffles With Cranberry Syrup

keto eggnog waffles

Nothing says cozy mornings at home like waffles and warm syrup…

Not in the mood to cook?

Keto Chow in fancy cup

If you’re not in a cooking mood, we recommend trying Keto Chow: a meal replacement shake that takes less than a minute to make. Simply add a serving of Keto Chow to a BlenderBottle®, add around two cups of water and then add your choice of fat. Next, shake, refrigerate and enjoy!

Additionally, our shake mixes have 1/3 of your daily recommended nutrients. That means you can enjoy the sweets you miss (we do have 30+ flavors that are absolutely divine) without the carbs!

Plus, Keto Chow is great to use in a variety of recipes, including the ones we’ve already listed!