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1.5 update, Sample All the Things change, and UPC Barcodes

2 minute read • July 1, 2016

First off – All of the active flavors in all the sizes are switched over to Keto Chow 1.5 with acacia gum (which is good since everybody seems to really like it).

There are still a few Butter Cream Toffee samples that are the old formulation but that’s because it’s been discontinued and I can’t make it in the new formulation.

I woke up this morning and had an idea for the “Sample all the things” bundle that has one of each of the 8 currently active flavors. We’re pre-packaging them into an actual bundle (in a quart sized zip-loc bag if you’re curious). This will make a bunch of stuff easier, especially filling orders since most of the samples we sell are part of that bundle. It even got its own label! I also changed the product to be a “simple product” so it’ll no longer break out the names of each flavor, it’ll just show up as the one line item in the cart.

I bought 250 UPC codes a few days ago and added them to the labels, if you want to see them check out this page – it has both the week and day full labels. I tested the day ones by scanning them into MyFitnessPal – I’ll probably do the same with the week ones shortly. In case you’re curious (and also to seed the UPC search engine results) here are the codes and their corresponding product:

760537021847 Day – Chocolate Fudge
760537021854 Day – Chocolate Mint
760537021861 Day – Cookies and Cream
760537021878 Day – Gourmet Vanilla
760537021885 Day – Peanut Butter
760537021892 Day – Rich Chocolate
760537021908 Day – Snicker Doodle
760537021915 Day – Strawberry Blast
760537021922 Fish Oil Capsules
760537021939 Minerals – for 10lbs
760537021946 Minerals – 1 week
760537021953 Sample – Chocolate Fudge
760537021960 Sample – Chocolate Mint
760537021977 Sample – Cookies and Cream
760537021984 Sample – Gourmet Vanilla
760537021991 Sample – Peanut Butter
760537022004 Sample – Pina Colada
760537022011 Sample – Rich Chocolate
760537022028 Sample – Snicker Doodle
760537022035 Sample – Strawberry Blast
760537022042 Week – Chocolate Fudge
760537022059 Week – Chocolate Mint
760537022066 Week – Cookies and Cream
760537022073 Week – Gourmet Vanilla
760537022080 Week – Peanut Butter
760537022097 Week – Rich Chocolate
760537022103 Week – Snicker Doodle
760537022110 Week – Strawberry Blast
760537022127 Sample all the things

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