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Chris Bair holding bacon
Feb 14  ·  2 min read
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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 44

So close to halfway! =) We’re going to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for Valentine’s Day lunch today. I’ll probably drink my Keto Chow beforehand and just tell the server that I’m fasting, that’s easier than “Well you see, I’m doing this weird experiment where I am only drinking a high-fat ketogenic meal replacement shake for 100 days and I’m currently on day 44 so I can’t eat any of your delicious wings that are deep fried in BEEF FAT and have fewer than 2g of carbs in them, so I’ll just have a drink please.” I told Miriam that I would be quite willing to go out for food but she’s been reticent to do it – something about social conventions and it being weird that I’m not eating. I’m perfectly fine not eating, it’s a lot like doing keto when there’s no viable food available and so you just don’t eat – same thing =). Speaking of beef fat, I did finally get the squares of rendered beef fat that I made from the trimmings off the brisket, cut up and put into the freezer. So I have probably 2-3lbs of those now that I can use for cooking in the future and it was way better than throwing all that away! I’ll probably use some to deep fry chicken wings sometime after April 12.

Only got a kinda half-dinner yesterday, we were doing some short videos to promote Keto Chow and part of it involved drinking some Keto Chow – except I didn’t drink a whole one because I only have my breakfast and lunch ones and the one we were using as a prop was half full. All-in it was a good experience though we were inordinately tired after it was all done. Normally the videos I shoot are just me improvising in front of the camera, these had a bit of a script and took a bunch of takes.