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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 50

< 1 minute February 20, 2019
100 days of keto chow day 50

Halfway! I am officially 50% done with my 100 days of eating nothing but Keto Chow. Honestly, it’s really been quite easy. It’s been a drag when I was cooking amazing Keto food for my family but other than that, I’m not bored with what I’m eating, not suffering any debilitating problems, the only real issue I’ve had the entire time was that I needed to take a probiotic when I switched to eating Keto Chow for all my meals to get things happy in my tummy. My first blood test of the experiment should be available for me to look at tomorrow afternoon. I suspect it will say that I am alive, my triglycerides are low, my HDL is normal, and my LDL will be quite high, not that LDL being high matters.

We did our Facebook live last night, had some technical issues but it was great to hear from Taffiny. I think I have a solution for the technical issues so this won’t be a problem in the future, looks like is the answer. We have the Blender Bottles with the new Keto Chow logo on them up on the site, that does mean that the $1 Blender Bottle party is over =( We do still have some of the old ones but they’re now $6.50 each (which is still a really good price)


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