100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 83

Yesterday I mixed up the 12 meals of Keto Chow that will finish off the Avocado Oil + MCT Oil portion of the experiment, that’ll take me through to Thursday evening, then I start the butter segment! As part of that, yesterday we tried an experiment: We melted 3 meals worth of butter (1/2 stick per meal in this case) and got some warm water, added the butter to the warm water, added 3 scoops of Chocolate Mint Keto Chow, mixed it all up with a blender, put it into some Blender Bottles, and put those into the fridge. I wanted to see if the butter would separate out or not, my experience with the avocado oil and the immersion blender is that the blender and the acacia gum emulsifies the mixture really well so it might stay integrated. This morning Miriam checked the bottles and all of them were still completely mixed, no floating layer of solidified butter! Looks like mixing up ahead of time is a viable option, sweet!

This morning we have a “fitness challenge” starting here at the office. It’ll go for a month, half of which will be during the final phase of my 100 days. Looks like there is a max of 10 points a day for doing things like: No soda, Drink 64oz of water, 8000 steps, No desserts, 7+ hours of sleep, vegetable serving each day (I’m totally counting acacia gum!), track everything in an app like cron-o-meter, with a bonus 10 pts if you lose 3% of your weight. This will be interesting!

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