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Chris Bair holding bacon
Jan 5  ·  2 min read
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2018 year in review, National Keto Day discount

2018 Year in Review

In case you were unaware, January 5 is “National Keto Day.” Sure it’s a bit contrived and all but whatever! In celebration of National Keto Day, here’s a coupon for 5% off any single order: KetoDay2019 (only works once per person and expires tomorrow night, January 6 – midnight central time I think). Go eat some bacon and avocados today… unless you’re doing like I am and only eating Keto Chow for the next 96 days =)

2018 was an interesting year for all of us at Keto Chow.

More stuff happened, this is what I easily found by looking through my blog posts! I’m suspecting that 2019 will be just as exciting.