Chocolate Toffee and (most of) the 2.1 Samples are now available!

We actually got in Chocolate Toffee this morning but didn’t do an announcement until we had the samples in-hand and available.

We wanted to announce both at the same time (otherwise people who wanted both would have ordered just the Toffee and then been frustrated to have to do another other and get them combined, this is easier).

So without further delay: we now have available the Chocolate Toffee (21 meal bag) plus we also have the individual samples of all the flavors except Chocolate Peanut Butter (there was a problem running it, they’re running it through the mixer again and we will try it at the next available slot in a week or two),  and lastly we the new variety bundle: Sample the New Things. The original sample bundle will be coming just as soon as we get the Chocolate Peanut Butter samples.

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