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Day 033 – 100 days of Keto (Chow)

< 1 minute February 5, 2016
hydro flask
  • Weight: 209.1
  • Blood ketones: <0.1 mmol/L

Spent a large portion of the day at the RootsTech conference filling glasses up with ice so they could be filled with soda.

We joke that we’re really putting our training and skills to use. I’m going to guess that the 8-9 8 ounce glasses of diet Dr. Pepper I drank yesterday had some effect since my weight is up and my ketones are non-measurable =( Today I brought along a big bottle of “Clear American” soda instead, I’ve never seen it affect my progress so that should help; and unlike a fountain drink I know exactly what I’m getting and how much. Had a snickerdoodle keto chow for breakfast during the keynote and I have another in a hydroflask for lunch just like yesterday.


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