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Mar 18  ·  2 min read
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Going to try mixing PB2 into the powder tonight, Calcium Phosphate changes

I cloned my Keto Chow Recipe and added PB2 to it so I could get actual numbers instead of hoping I was good with a calculator.

I also put the specific nutrition info for the Rich Chocolate flavored protein powder since the different flavors have slightly different values. What I came up with looks really good.

Adding three 12g servings of PB2 a day adds an additional $0.81 per day. Coupled with the correct figures for the Rich Chocolate it appears to have 47g of carbs, 26g of dietary fiber giving 21g net carbs. That’s 9 more than PB2-less Keto Chow but still well under the 30g net carbs I’m targeting to maintain ketosis and continue my weight loss.

Tonight I’m going to try mixing PB2 into a week’s worth of Rich Chocolate to see if it mixes well or not and if it fouls my mixing container with the oils and such in the PB2. Should be interesting. My hope is that by mixing it into the powder I’ll get a better mixture. Currently when I mix up my Keto Chow I’m getting some slight lumpiness (isolated only to the peanut butter) since the PB2 turns into creamy peanut butter immediately on contact with water. By having the PB2 evenly distributed throughout the powder it should clump less. Again, the clumps aren’t really a bad thing but it would be nice to have it even smoother still.

Lastly: in version 1.0.1 I changed the “Freeda” Calcium Phosphate for DiCalcium Phosphate that I could source from BulkSupplements in giant bags. Well, about the same time I noticed a tiny amount of grit in my Keto Chow. It was only apparent if you chewed a bit on the liquid but I could detect the granules of something. I didn’t make the connection to the DiCalcium Phosphate until about a week ago when I decided to throw caution to the wind tasted a pinch of the Dicalcium Phosphate. Yep, finally found the source of the grit. I finally got the original Calcium Phosphate in yesterday and will start mixing with it again tonight.