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Feb 5  ·  < 1 min read
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Live Stream recording from Feb 4, 2020

Keto Chow Live Stream

Every week we do a live broadcast where we answer questions, talk about fun stuff, and more! Starting in January 2020, we switched to a new platform where we can broadcast to YouTube and Facebook at the same time. It’s pretty cool, actually. You can find the stream on YouTube or Facebook

We talked about:

  • The Keto Chow flavor of the week is Savory Chicken Soup. It’s 20% off until Monday morning.
  • We have a LOT of recipes that use the Savory Chicken Soup
  • Get Fit February is going on!
  • Every customer of Keto Chow that places an order over $100 during February will get an opportunity to use Dr. Fit and Fabulous’ work-out app for a month, a $25 value. Be looking for the freebie to pop-up in the Keto Chow check-out page during the month of February. More info can be found at https://apxts.com/fitnfab/
  • Rachel and Joe show how to make Keto Chow ice cream with butter and a blender
  • Tips for preparing Keto Chow while traveling.
  • You can use mason jars to store your Keto Chow.
  • What is maltodextrin, why do you find it in “sugar free” stuff like Monk Fruit in the Raw?
  • We got to visit with a lot of cool people at Metabolic Health Summit, Tara and Jeremy from Tara’s Keto Kitchen
  • A bunch of people on the Keto Chow Facebook Support Group are using flavored herbal teas with their Keto Chow