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Jan 26  ·  < 1 min read
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Much better

Trace amounts of ketones are showing up now and everything is returned to normal (thankfully).

It also seems that keeping up on electrolytes spared me the Keto Flu this time, which is AWESOME! I still am anxious for my weight trend to head down steadily, that should be this week. I didn’t loose nearly as much water weight burning off glycogen as I would have liked. Eating carbs was probably a bad idea in the long run but it did give me some very valuable perspective. If I don’t get enough sleep lately, my legs hurt off and on; that didn’t change when I was back on carbs so I do not think that’s the cause – it’s likely the sleep (or lack thereof). Eating carbs also gave me the perspective that I really don’t need to cheat at all, it just doesn’t hold the appeal it once did. I also ordered a 12 pack of Quest Cookies and Cream bars today because they’re yummy.